Where to find gifts for the New Year for any budget and direction?

The year of the metal rat rushes to us at an incredible speed, and gifts, as usual, have not been purchased.

Judging by statistics, only 20% of the country's residents buy gifts in advance (sometimes even for several months). We have great respect from us. But still, we are not like that and leave everything at the last moment. We will not understand why this happens, since it will be excess salt on our wounds. We will do much better - we will tell you what you can give, and most importantly, where you can buy it all.

Gift Options

A few tips for choosing:

1. First, decide on a budget. Only it depends on which section to enter. Remember, the gift itself is not so much important as attention. Therefore, if finances are limited, it is better to buy something small, but necessary.

2. Do not buy this year’s symbolism (in this case, the image of a metal mouse) as a gift. If you want to become attached to the symbol of 2020, it is better to buy something from metal. There are plenty of options for any wallet and wishes: a street watch, crossbows, video cameras for fishing, watches, microscopes, scissors, home planetariums, etc. Just go to the appropriate section and choose what you like. As for symbolism, each year there will be a new symbol, and what to do with the previous one? He will just stow away into the box. But you do not achieve this?

3. Focus on the hobbies of the gifted. For example, if a man is an avid builder and don’t give him anything, just give me something to fix, then it’s better to focus on construction topics. And you do not need to think that this is a gift for work, because if he enjoys it, then the gift will bring the same emotions. There is where to go: tools, power, construction, snow removal equipment and much more. For a massage therapist - equipment for massage, for connoisseurs of the steam room - everything for a bath and a sauna.

4. Feel free to ask what people want. It often happens that a person cannot buy a chandelier for himself in the living room (for example), and will be very happy if someone fulfills his desire, and does not present another vase for flowers. This applies to all things in the house, from plumbing to a cover for a car.

5. Have a holiday. If everything is decided with gifts, or you agreed not to give anything to each other (this also happens), then arrange a holiday. It wasn’t customary to come to visit empty-handed, but nobody forbade organizing the show. Therefore, buy beautiful and spectacular fireworks and give real emotions, especially to children.

If you are still thinking and cannot decide, then urgently go to the site and be inspired by ideas. The assortment is so large that it will be difficult to stop, especially considering the pleasant pricing policy. Celebrate the New Year with pleasure, not in a hurry.


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