10 gifts that can not be given in the year of the White Rat

In anticipation of the New Year holidays, you need to think about gifts. There are certain superstitions and rules by which you need to choose presents for your near and dear ones. If you don’t know what you can’t give in the year of the White Rat, then the top 10 of forbidden products and goods compiled by us is for you. Following the instructions, you can attract good luck.

Gifts with the image of cats

A representative of the cat family is the rat’s main enemy, so any image of a cat or cat will lead to trouble and failure. A huge number of situations in human life are associated with superstition. Do not want to spoil the loved one? Refuse such a purchase.

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Fur (fur coats, vests)

Any luxury White Rat in 2020 will be perceived incorrectly. Even if it brings joy to a person, then in the end there will be no benefit from such things. The problem is that rats do not like luxury and are negative about it. The same applies to the symbol of next year.

It turns out!

All animals whose fur is used for sewing fur coats are relatives of the rat.


Any symbol of the Chinese calendar does not like watches, since they reduce the time of its domination every year. Therefore, you need to make gifts more universal so that they have some value. Electronics will be a more correct decision, especially since many new-fangled gadgets and smartphones have appeared.

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This is a category of products that do not attract rat's attention at all. They are indifferent to such drinks, so there is no benefit from them. By the way, alcohol is negative for any character on the Chinese calendar.

Game consoles and entertainment

Any childishness and a waste of time for entertainment is unacceptable. The rat has to work all day in search of food. Therefore, it is worth choosing gifts that best suit the style of this animal. You can find a more interesting solution and a useful gift.

Trinkets and cute little things

Such gifts indicate that the one who presents them does not value his money at all and is wasteful to everything. White Rat does not like such people, so you need to approach the choice of gifts prudently. You should not buy those that have no practical value and will not be used by a person often or daily.

Exotic fruits

The smell that they exude always scared away animals, including the rat. You need to choose those products that this animal likes and attracts him.


Any product that has an atypical or pungent odor should not be gifted in 2020, it will not lead to anything good.

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Mirror (or makeup with a mirror)

It is safe to say that some mystical features are associated with this gift. Giving a mirror has always been a bad idea that doesn't lead to anything good.


The sensitive smell of rats does not tolerate pungent odors, including perfumes. Therefore, it is worth giving up not only perfumes, but also any products with an unnatural smell.


The most ridiculous and impractical present that will not bring anything good. Chocolates and sweets are those foods that rats don’t eat, so buying them would be the wrong decision.

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It is better, for example, to spend money on a warm jacket with a picture of a rat.

It’s very easy to frighten off luck today, especially if you choose the wrong gift option that favors the symbol of the year.

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  1. Larisa Vladimir

    I have already prepared gifts and it’s litter boxes and ceramics and children sweet of course and now what? Of course I’ll give it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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