15 stylish new home products in Fix Price

Below are the 15 best new and stylish products from Fix Price. Among them there are stylish home decorations, useful items and unique gifts. Each of these products is distinguished by originality and low cost.

Glass candle holder "Snow Lace"

Suitable for the New Year, and just to decorate the interior in any season. A beautiful festive glass candlestick will become a stylish decoration for the home. It is stable and very comfortable.

It attracts original relief patterns and amazing mirror shine, which make this piece of furniture festive. One has only to add it with a candle, as the atmosphere of the house will sparkle with new colors, become magical and irresistible.

The height of this interior item is 8 cm. Candles with a diameter of not more than 6 cm can be placed in it.

Candlestick price: 55 rubles.

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Droplet garland

A beautiful garland in the form of snow lace and in the form of droplets will be the perfect decoration of the house for the New Year holidays and just like that. It is a thread that is decorated with pearls of different sizes. The length of the magic decoration is 180 cm. It has 18 LEDs. This garland works from two AA batteries.

The cost of the product: 99 rubles.

Decorative textured box

This box is ideal for storing all kinds of jewelry. It is made of dolomite and complemented by a textured pattern. The product cover is removed. You can choose the design you like from the presented assortment.

Casket cost: 199 rub.

Decorative LED battery-powered luminaire

Decorative lamp - a great bright element for the interior. In the evenings, he will create a warm, fabulous atmosphere in the house, and during the day will complement the interior of the room. You can choose any product from the assortment offered in Fix Price in the form of designs such as star, angel, deer and unicorn. This lamp works from AA batteries in the amount of two pieces.

Cost of goods: 199 rubles.

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Cozy throw pillow

Thanks to this pillow, the house will become much more comfortable. It is perfect for upholstered furniture in any style. It’s worth putting some of these pillows on a sofa, armchairs or chairs - and now, a complete relaxation area is ready. The diameter of the pillow is 40 cm. It contains materials such as polypropylene and polyester.

Pillow price: 199 rub.

Home Time Storage Box

A beautiful folding box will be a stylish addition to the home. In it you can store various household trifles, toys and documents. Thanks to the cover, dust will not get into it. And you can at any time easily and quickly assemble it. The box is made of non-woven fabric, polypropylene and cardboard. A special handle makes it easy to carry.

Assembled size: 38x25x25 cm.

Box cost: 199 rub.

O’Kitchen Double Stylish Thermal Glass

This stylish glass goblet has double walls, thanks to which it keeps the temperature of cold and hot drinks. Its outer side does not heat up, thereby you will not burn your hands.The design of the product is elegant, stylish, and its shape is ergonomic. Such a glass will be an original gift for colleagues, relatives and friends.

Volume: 310 ml.

The cost of the product: 149 rubles.

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Stylish and beautiful shower set

This shower set includes turban, mittens and washcloths. It is great for hair and body care. A beautiful box with a bow makes the product a great gift. It perfectly complements the interior of the bathroom.

Decorative and very cozy LED lamp

This lamp is powered by AA batteries, which will need 2 pcs. Note that they are not included. Thanks to this product, the house will become more comfortable and stylish. And the lamp is great for a child’s room, as it has a bright design and gives a soft light.

The cost of the lamp: 199 rubles.

Decorative LED lamp

The harmonious design of this lamp is perfect for the interior of a children's room and bedroom. The familiar interior will become more comfortable, bright, stylish.

The cost of the product: 199 rubles.

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Wall clock glowing in the dark

Stylish wall clocks complement the interior and attract the attention of guests. They are so original that anyone wants to receive such a gift. And this unusual accessory will be an indispensable element, as it will make it possible to know what time it is.

The cost of hours: 199 rubles.

New Year's festive plate

This stylish plate will be a great decoration for the New Year and just an amazing gift for friends. Thanks to her, the mood will rise, and the kitchen will be transformed. The material used to make the plate is earthenware. Its diameter is 20 cm.

The cost of the plate: 55 rubles.

Stylish frame for 8 photos

Such a large frame, which comfortably accommodates 8 photos, will decorate the interior and become a complement to any holidays. Her laconic style will help to fit the product into any home. You can place 2 photos in it, the size of which should be 6x8.5 cm and 6 photos with a size of 8x14 cm. The frame is made of iron, glass and paper. It is presented in different colors.

Frame cost: 199 rub.

Flower pot

Such a wonderful flower pot in the Provence style will bring a touch of nostalgia to the house. You can buy several similar items for a complete transformation of the house. The pot will surely appeal to gentle and sensitive natures. Its diameter is 11.6 cm and its height is 9 cm.

Pot cost: 77 rubles.

Spaghetti Bank

This jar is a great stylish addition to the kitchen. Thanks to its special shape, it is very convenient to store spaghetti in it, but it can also be adapted for other bulk products. The can is made of tin, and its volume is 1.45 liters. We recommend purchasing several of these cans for an original and stylish design of the kitchen.

The cost of the can: 77 rubles.


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