16 cool New Year goods at Fix Price

New Year is coming very soon, which means it's time to decorate the house. Original products for the holiday can be found in the Fix Price store, and the prices here are quite low.

Cool New Year's goods

If you managed to get to the Fix Price store, then the buyer was lucky. Here is a huge selection of New Year's goods, with which you can decorate the house for the holiday.


Fix Price is very popular. If you want to buy a product, you must do this in advance. Otherwise, it may simply not be available.

Set of fluffy Christmas balls.

In a set of 4 snow-white balls. They are decorated with snowflakes that never melt. Such toys will become a real decoration of the Christmas tree.

Price: 55 rubles.

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Pendant "Snow Lace"

The festive decoration will help to place New Year's accents in the interior. The toy resembles a handmade souvenir, which means it can be a wonderful gift for a loved one. Such a pendant will give a feeling of cosiness and warmth, and will perfectly fit into the New Year decorations.

Price: 50 rubles.


The best decoration for the Christmas tree is a star-shaped tip. And if it also glows, then there will be no limit to joy at all. The product shimmers with various colors and fills the house with bright colors. The tip is powered by batteries, which are also included.

Price: 99 rubles.

Wooden garland

It is difficult to imagine a holiday without a New Year's garland. But if you want to choose something special, it’s worth a peek at Fix Price. Wooden garland will not leave anyone indifferent. Deer silhouettes give the party a little bit of magic. Soft light does not hurt the eyes, which means you can hang a garland in any corner.

Cost: 99 rubles.

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Electric garland

Another interesting little thing that can be found on store shelves. And 50 lamps, presented in the form of crystals, will add to the celebration of mystery. The garland has 8 modes of operation, its length is 5 meters.

Cost: 199 rubles.

Christmas tree decorations

If you want to decorate the green beauty in a special way, then wooden toys are exactly what you need. In a set of 12 products, there are hearts, stars, Christmas trees. Each of the options deserves special attention.

Price: 55 rubles.

Christmas decoration

A wonderful decoration that will allow you to decorate the walls for the holiday. It will add a magical atmosphere and comfort to the home.

Price: 50 rubles.

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Christmas wreath

Many craftswomen make wreaths themselves. If there is no desire to do needlework, the product can be purchased. The Fix Price presents a wreath of fir branches with cones. Thanks to artificial snow and red balls, the decoration acquires a highlight.

Price: 99 rubles.

Lamp "House"

The lamp is made in the form of a gingerbread house. It can be hung on a wall, Christmas tree, ceiling. The product is powered by the batteries that are included in the kit.

Cost: 99 rubles.

Luminous decoration

The original luminous toy can be purchased at an attractive price. It is a small lamp that fits perfectly into the New Year decorations.

Cost: 55 rubles.

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Prefabricated tree

If you want to please a child on the eve of the holiday, you should definitely buy a collapsible Christmas tree. The kid will be happy to find a place for her in the house and will be able to easily dress a green beauty.

Cost: 199 rubles.

Bengal candle

It is impossible to imagine the New Year without Bengal candles. Why not buy a set of 6 pieces, each 170 mm in size. With the help of candles, the celebration will be transformed, and the atmosphere in the house will become truly festive.

Cost: 18.3 rubles.

Magnet with the symbol of the year

Decorating the house for the holiday, we must not forget about the symbol of the year. Very soon, the Rat will take over, which means the magnet with its image will be a wonderful acquisition. You can give a souvenir to a loved one or hang on your fridge.

Price: 50 rubles.

Money box

Another interesting little thing that will be a wonderful gift. A piggy bank in the form of a mouse looks original. Perhaps it will help someone to accumulate a decent amount.


There is a slot on the top of the piggy bank, and a rubber valve for extracting money from the bottom.

Price: 99 rubles.

Gift box

As you know, gift wrapping is no less important than the present itself. Why not give a souvenir in a metal box? Such a box will give the recipient a lot of positive emotions.

Price: 55 rubles.

Cardboard masks

What holiday can be without masks? If you manage to get a whole set, then the whole family will be able to try on different images for the evening. Why not turn into funny animals and have some fun from the heart?

Fix Price is a favorite store where you can find anything, and most importantly, the prices of goods are acceptable. Customers are happy to come for new products and return home in a good mood.


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