Why is it better not to buy houses in Sicily for 1 euro

More recently, news began to appear around the world that in Sicily you can buy real estate for only 1 euro. Is it so? A question that plagues many. Indeed, there is such an action, but a number of conditions must be met. It is worthwhile to understand who sells houses in Sicily for 1 euro and why it is better not to buy them.

Why so cheap and what's the catch

First of all, it is the state’s demographic program, which attracts foreigners and residents of large cities to small settlements. Provincial villages are empty, local residents moved closer to the resort areas where you can earn money from tourists.

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As a result, agricultural and industrial sectors were simply left without labor. Therefore, it was decided to launch such an urgent action. But there are a number of conditions:

  1. This will be a home that is at least 50 years old and in terrible condition. A potential buyer agrees to make repairs in it. All plans in this regard are drawn up in the manner prescribed by law.
  2. When buying, you must leave a deposit of 8,000 euros in the treasury of the city in which the property is located. This money can only be returned if the buyer fulfills the first item. Otherwise, all the money will go to the state.
  3. When making a purchase, the contract indicates the period during which the new owner will not be able to sell the housing provided.


Repair work must be completed within three years from the date of settlement. Both construction crews and the new owner can do this work on their own.

This is not a complete list of the conditions that await upon arrival in Sicily. The program itself will not bring any dividends, on the contrary, it will only create certain difficulties.

Recently, the number of refusals to participate in this proposal has increased several times, while the deposit is not returned to anyone. Most likely, this option is suitable for successful businessmen who want to live in a quiet corner in Sicily.

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Disadvantages of buying a property

Of course, there are drawbacks that we managed to find out only after some took part in the described schemes. A feature, of course, remains the cost of repairs. In Europe, prices are incredibly high, and this is also important to consider. It’s also impossible to find a good job.

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If you still decide to consider the option of relocation, then you should know about other nuances:

  1. Buying a property for 1 euro does not give citizenship privileges. The program is more aimed at Italians living in large cities.
  2. To reissue documents, you will have to pay up to 4,000 euros only for notary services.
  3. If you agree on the purchase of real estate via the Internet, then upon arrival in Italy you can be refused. As a result, no one will refund the money spent on tickets.
  4. The cost of repairs can be shocking. The costs of work and building materials together reach 1,000 euros per square meter.


Real estate is sold only in regions remote from the sea, such as Salemi, Ganji, Mussomeli.

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Therefore, it is worth calculating all the costs and understand that such a property will cost several tens of thousands of euros a minimum. Thus, do not be seduced by such suggestions. There is nothing good in this state program. Italians are hoping for huge inflows into the budget from migrants who “peck” at such an “enticing” campaign.

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  1. Vania

    Italian wizards in terms of making money on naive foreigners. This is evidenced by the principle of collateral. He bites, pays, and we have already made money on this if we are disappointed.

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