15 best! What Christmas trees are in different countries (photo)

For the New Year it is customary to decorate a Christmas tree. About what Christmas trees are in different countries, it will be interesting to learn to many. The presented photos from the top 15 most grandiose trees will surprise with the variety and beauty of the design of the main New Year symbol.

Moscow, Cathedral Square

The main attribute of the New Year in the Russian capital delights guests and residents of Moscow with their huge sizes and original decorations from a large number of multi-colored garlands.

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In Russia, where there are many forests, they always bring a huge natural spruce, which is delivered from the Moscow Region, to decorate Moscow. Its height is traditionally at least 30 meters. Spruce has a conical shape, the length of the lower branches is 15 meters.

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Saint Petersburg, Palace Square

A thirty-meter spruce becomes the main Christmas city of the northern capital of Russia. The fluffy beauty is organically included in the architectural ensemble, setting strictly along the axis of the arch of the General Staff between the Alexander Column and the headquarters building itself.

Washington, USA

The main Christmas tree is brought to the American capital specifically from Alaska. A huge living tree makes a path of 7 thousand km before it enters Washington.

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Paris, France

The French hung in a Galeries Lafayette department store a 25-meter conical design under the ceiling upside down in the form of a chandelier.

Melbourne Australia

In Australia, spruce trees do not grow, but this does not stop Australians. In Melbourne, the Christmas tree was assembled from the Lego designer. To create a Christmas tree and decorating toys, it took more than half a million details.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Christmas tree is installed on Vilnius Cathedral Square, the original design for the Christmas tree is always chosen. In 2019, the spruce was decorated in the form of a chess queen, which was surrounded by a composition of chess pieces.

New York, USA

Traditionally, a luxurious New Year tree is set in the Rockefeller Center in New York. A living tree was decorated with 45 thousand light bulbs and a Christmas star made from Swarovski crystals. Around the Christmas tree, a composition of Christmas angels with trumpets was installed.

To get to the celebration, the tree should be 20 meters high and 10 meters wide - no more and no less, otherwise you should not see her glory. It is with these parameters that the Christmas tree was first introduced here for the Christmas holidays in 1931. Since then, this tradition has not changed.

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Honduran residents are so fond of celebrating the New Year that they are ready to create a Christmas tree from their bodies, not having the opportunity to put a living forest beauty.

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The Christmas tree in Honduras amounted to 3 thousand people. This achievement was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

The only drawback of such a Christmas tree is its fragility.

Gubbio, Italy

In Italy, in the city of Gubbio, you can see a Christmas tree from any part of the city. Her image is more than 650 meters high and is located on Mount Indino from luminous balls.

Taipei, taiwan

In the Kingdom of Taiwan, spruce trees do not grow, but everyone loves the New Year here.Especially for this holiday, a Christmas tree of LED lights in the form of a multi-colored cone was installed.

A luminous five-pointed star crowns such a design. For a whole month before the New Year's Eve in the evening, LED spruce pleases residents of Taipei with light shows.

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Byblos, Lebanon

In the Lebanese port city of Byblos, the New Year tree is assembled from gilded mirrors 35 meters high.


The Christmas composition, depicting a Christmas tree, consists of two parts, symbolizing the past and the future. There are no traditional jewelry on it, but it looks very impressive.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A LED construction depicting a Christmas tree is installed on Lake Lagoa, where a floating platform is located. Its height is 82 meters. Each year, Brazilians dress it up differently, staging spectacular light shows on various topics.

Turin, Italy

An original Christmas tree in the shape of a crystal pyramid was installed on the Piazza Castello in Italian Turin.

Tokyo, Japan

Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun also love to celebrate the New Year. The main tree of the Japanese capital amazes everyone with its incredible neon lights.


On St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, a live Christmas tree is always set for Catholic Christmas. To give the Pope a living spruce for Christmas, a line is literally “built” from the Catholic countries in which conifers grow.

New Year is a long-awaited and joyful holiday. It is not possible without the main attribute - a Christmas tree. Each country and each city has its own. Locals and tourists come to see many.


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