Where do Yevgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva live (photo of housing)

A married couple of journalists, Yevgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva, talk little about their family life. For several years, the Russian viewer sees them as the host of the talk show "60 Minutes" on the channel "Russia 1". Where do the journalists Evgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva live? Let's see a photo of their housing.

Husband and wife, one of Satan

Popular journalists Yevgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva got married in 2013. At the time of marriage, everyone had an unsuccessful family experience. But neither Eugene, Olga had until this moment had children from their first marriage, but in the second marriage, in 2014, the couple had a son Zakhar.

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Despite the fact that the couple is very popular with all those who like to watch not only news, but also interesting reports, they try not to talk about their family life. In addition, they do not post their photos on social networks.

Young people work with great dedication. Their program has been released since 2016, and in order for the release to be interesting to many, they have to give all their best.

The couple has a hobby for two: they often go fishing in the city of Volzhsky. In addition, Olga and Eugene quite often travel abroad.

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Journalists Apartment

Journalists have their own apartment in Moscow. For the first time, information about how it was arranged appeared in the program of Timur Kizyakov. All that was shown to reporters was a living-dining room, in which the program was shot.

Eugene and Olga carefully approached its design. She is in a light beige tone, the furniture contrasts with the color of the walls. There is a large oval table in dark brown color in the room; there is also a light brown chest of drawers, a floor lamp and a candlestick, and chairs and armchairs are dark beige.

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White wood doors with glass details. There is a white wardrobe in the living room, which goes well with light curtains. On one of the walls are three paintings, which are more like drawings that are transferred to paper.

On the Internet there is a photo where the son of Yevgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva is captured. In this frame you can see a brick wall, as well as a shelf with a lot of books. Perhaps this is the children's room of the son of journalists.


Recently, there was information that journalists bought another large apartment in the center of the capital. But Olga Skabeeva denied these rumors.

Photos from Instagram

On Instagram you can find several photos that may have been taken in the apartment. Priority flowers - gray and peach. The dining room is designed in the same style. The main colors of the furniture are beige and blue. In the living room there is a large black leather sofa.

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  1. Alexander

    Interestingly, at home they are also yelling and rude as in their transfer?
    I feel sorry for the kids.

    1. Vladimir

      Yelling and rude? And you are apparently silent in a rag, and apologize when you are crap. Terpily.

    2. Victor Andreevich

      Aleksanr, of course at home,
      like everyone, they naturally have everything. And on the programs, watch carefully, they never allow themselves the rudeness you scribbled about here. Smart and wonderful people and parents. Therefore, many children can envy their children, and not only in our families.

  2. Sergei

    k4om wonder how they live and what these propagandos are eating if they die, and no one will notice just in the cesspool tm will be a little cleaner !!!

    1. Victor Andreevich

      Sergey, calm down (look how you started to write with a trembling hand and envy) and don’t be envious, and don’t be angry, but take an example from them in everything. And then you will get out of your cesspool, you will be cleansed and you will grow.

  3. Alexander

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  4. Ivan

    Very dishonest, dishonorable people who will sell their mother for money

  5. Zef.k

    Interestingly, but the report, where simple hard workers from, Volga region for example, will be interesting to the reader? Say, how and where does the conductor of Alexander Volsk live?

  6. Hope

    Selling journalists It's a pity their son No one has repealed the boomerang law

  7. realist

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  8. Victor

    Wow, hohlostan reached out, well, damn realists.

  9. Kostya

    It is a pity for their child, as he only lives with these fiends of hell ....

  10. Cat

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  11. walday

    These people are the height of hypocrisy and meanness.

  12. Sergei

    Representatives of Ukraine usually yell at Alexander and interrupt, hammer his own and don’t hear others and are not going to listen. Well, there are still inadequate transmission. Objectively relate to this issue and do not invent fables. Excellent journalists, very lucidly explain their point of view, if you do not like it is not necessary to name and be rude, I’m talking about other comments.

  13. Oleg

    An unpleasant couple, especially a disgusting aunt.

  14. Vasya

    Then only Ukrainians leave comments?

  15. love

    The reviews of the authors are vicious. Not a single argument. Ranevskaya sharply, but accurately noted: "it is a pity that the soul does not have ..." Oh, how much it would be useful! The guys are excellent journalists, masterfully cope with lovers to chase the air with their mouths. I wish them good luck in the profession and family life.

  16. Margarita

    Let’s guys live together, excellent journalists, I always watch their programs, and some are envious, so hiss from anger. And do not pour dirt. On them, Health and happiness to these reporters, and the boomerang will return to those who are against and slander them. All sane!

  17. Valery

    I looked at the comments and became disgusted by those people with whom I do not consider them who, not knowing people, not seeing and not understanding their activities, dare to judge their decency. I regularly watch their programs, these are competent, decent people who care about the well-being of Russia, And what do you ascribe to them, but you are not humans ...

  18. Parsley

    Bravo Olga and Eugene !!!
    More often shut your mouth to Kovtunenki, pride, Nikulin, Okara! Do not let them poop on my beloved Mother Russia!

  19. Veronica

    Excellent journalists, a very interesting program, professionals with a capital letter. True patriots. Thanks!

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  25. Grandfather

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    it’s a pity that these smart (especially Olga) sold their talent for some silver coins (I think that they pay them with hard currency so that they will last a lifetime after Putin). Unfortunately, in our country they’re not punished because it relies on lies and betrayal of the interests of the country !!! it has long been a tradition in Russia that the Russian fool rules, and in advisers the true "arias" whom the Führer and Stalin more accurately destroyed were unsuccessful !!! And now nothing is changing - Putin is in power, but they rule !!!

  27. Alexander

    Propogondon family! It's disgusting to watch!

  28. seryozha

    Normal professional journalists, a good, I think, friendly family. Spiteful critics want to lift their assholes off the sofas and while they are transmitting not to watch it, but there’s nothing to spray with poison here, just don’t look.

  29. Love

    How much anger! How many envious people! Do not take care of yourself at all, come out with poison. You have to be kinder. Journalists Olga and Eugene are great! Health and good luck to them!

  30. Tamara

    Great guys. How many nerves of patience, endurance. Good health to them. Not a single normal person can pick up such terrible words. That's what they wished badly and will return to you. 13 12 2019

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